The Eatwell Guide

The NHS England Eatwell Guide and why we don’t like it!

The standard NHS advice regarding diet is to follow the Eatwell Guide. This guide has been published for a number of years and is in need of re-writing in our opinion. A cornerstone of the Eatwell Guide is for you to “base your meal around starchy carbohydrates”. As you may have noticed, that is the complete opposite of what we believe to be a healthy way of eating. That is the main reason that we do not support the NHS Eatwell Guide.


It is a common concern that a low carb diet does not give you the fibre that you need, as you should keep your consumption of all wheat products (including wholegrain) down to a minimum on a low carb diet.

However, there are numerous other ways of getting fibre into your diet, a wide variety of vegetables can easily give you the fibre that you need. It is only relatively recently in the history of our species that we started eating wheat and it appears that we managed perfectly well without it.

Also, it appears that there may be a number of conflicts of interests amongst the group that wrote the guide. Have a look at Dr Zoe Harcombe’s article on this.