Film and videos

We have listed a few interesting film and video links below.

If you are looking for an inspirational video about putting Type 2 Diabetes in remission, look no further than this TED talk video from Dr Sarah Hallberg.

Robert Lustig – Sugar: The Bitter Truth– There is a good reason why his lecture on sugar has had more than 8 million views on YouTube. It’s a long video, but worth watching if you have the time.

Here’s a brief video about our Colne Valley Low Carb Programme, made with the kind support of Mid Essex CCG.

There are now quite a number of UK based health care practitioners who promote a low carb approach and the results speak for themselves. Here is a video montage featuring a number of our colleagues across the UK.

The Magic Pill – on Netflix is an interesting documentary that follows several patients trying the “ketogenic” diet. The evidence presented is anecdotal and not a scientific trial but it is very interesting to watch, as a number of people with a variety of conditions seem to improve significantly. None of the claims about the ketogenic diet in the film (other than weight loss and remission of diabetes) have been scientifically proven.

Fixing Dad – a wonderful documentary on YouTube about two brothers who saved their father from extremely poor health due to diabetic complications, using a low carb diet.

Dr Jason Fung on YouTube – Dr Fung has a knack of explaining things really well. He has a particular interest in intermittent fasting and putting diabetes type 2 into remission.