Getting started

The self-guided Freshwell Low Carb Programme is for people looking to lose weight, reduce blood sugars and potentially put their prediabetes or type 2 diabetes into remission.

It incorporates modules for:

  • weight management
  • education for prediabetes
  • structured education for type 2 diabetes

What do you get?

Our programme includes a number of different resources to suit different people’s learning styles:

  • educational video modules
  • meal planners
  • low carb recipes
  • Freshwell mobile app

Introduction to a low carb lifestyle

We cover the very basics of our approach on the home page in the "Benefits of low carb lifestyle" and "What is a low carb lifestyle", we encourage you have a read of these first.

Weight management

With low carb, you can lose weight without feeling hungry all the time, find out about weight management with the Freshwell Low Carb Programme.

Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes guidance

We have produced informative videos for people who have been told they have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes as a basic introduction and guide to these concepts.

Go to Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

Freshwell resources

In our Resources section you will find access to Dr Kim Andrews successful meal planners which are available to buy as hard copies and download as PDFs for free. Our structured educational videos which guide you through a low carb lifestyle.

Go to Freshwell resources

In our Going low carb section we’ve gathered some practical tips for getting started on your low carb lifestyle. There is also some basic information as to the science behind it for you to explore and progress to live a Real Food Low Carb lifestyle.

Go to Going low carb


Freshwell app

Our successful free mobile app includes Dr Kim Andrews meal planners and recipes, interactive educational modules and lots of low carb information. We have adapted "Low Carb Dr Unwin's" infographics for our impactful sugraphics to help you learn about the hidden sugar in common everyday food. And to record how you are doing the app has a simple weight tracker.

Find out more about our app

Our person-centred ethos

Our programme develops participants’ confidence, skills, and knowledge to enable them to make improvements in their own health, as well as getting more proactively involved in decisions about their care.

The programme commits to listening to its participants and developing resources, and support, to meet individual needs, providing access to support networks when needed and embracing diversity.

Join the Freshwell Low Carb Community

In addition to the self-guided programme resources, Freshwell has an online Low Carb Community you can join to connect with others following a low carb lifestyle. This is a space to share experiences, recipes, ask questions and find accountability partners. The Community is free to join and open to anyone interested in low carb living, regardless of location.

Find Local Low Carb Support

We also have information on local delivery partners and services supporting low carb lifestyles in some areas. These services can provide in-person events, health coaching, group meetups and more.

See our Delivery Partners page to find out if there is localized low carb support in your area.

Please note, a smart phone or laptop with access to the internet is required. In order to access the programme, participants need to be able to read and understand spoken English and be able to use a computer or smart phone.

If you are taking prescribed medication, pregnant, breast feeding, have significant mental health problems or an eating disorder, please speak to your doctor before going low carb. See full medical disclaimer.

If you have any special needs that you have for help with the programme please contact the Freshwell team.

You are also encouraged to give you feedback on our materials which will help us with our programme evaluation.

Freshwell operates in accordance with data protection legislation see our privacy policy for full details.